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Today we took a trip from our humble abode in Sunderland to Temple Park in South Shields. All in the name of the Edward Foundation!
We have had a fantastic day raising money for the charity and meeting so many lovely people and pooches.
We are happy to announce that you helped us raise £128 for The Edward Foundation. Our team were proud to hand the donations over to charity directors De and Marion.
Thank you to everyone who took part today!


Our team released messages tied to balloons for Bradley Lowery today.

Our thoughts are with his loved ones 💙

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Our wonderful dental nurse Alice has signed up to the Great North Run and is fundraising for the National Autistic Society – a UK charity close to her heart that helps people with autism and their families.

Read more about her story on her Just Giving page. We will keep you updated on her journey over the next few months.

Good luck, Alice!


Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day so Mel and Tanya paid a visit to Wearside Women in Need, a local organisation that provides advice, support and safe accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

They met some of the wonderful ladies working there, and took supplies that will hopefully help towards the work they do.

Wearside Women in Need are currently under threat of closure due to changes in budget. Please see the following link for more information on and to see their petition:


On the 4th February 2017 it was World Cancer Day, the entire nation united to accelerate progress in the fight against cancer.  #worldcancerday


At Wessington Dental we feel passionate about raising awareness for Mouth Cancer Action Month. For more information please visit:


We are now the proud sponsors of the HFC under 10’s. We will be following their progress and wish them lots of success!


We are delighted to announce our Enlighten Tooth Whitening System was auctioned for an fantastic £300.00. This was in aid of the Steven Willey’s fundraising campaign. Who have up to now, raised a fantastic £7,500.00.

unnamedMaxine Carr (Hygienist)

Bulldogs are our national breed. They represent the British stiff upper lip, strength, courage, loyalty. They are everybody’s friend and a natural clown.

I’ve always loved dogs and have been owned by a Bulldog, Molly from her being 8 weeks old and I’ve fallen in love with the character of the breed. I became involved with the Edward Foundation 3 years ago. I initially followed the charity out of support and interest on their facebook group and became a volunteer when an appeal was made to help a young bulldog bitch being rescued from Newcastle who was in need of  foster care.

Why Bulldogs? Surly they don’t need rescuing do they?

Over the past decade the Bulldogs  popularity has grown especially for unrecognised ‘rare’ colours and their price, even without papers can be in the thousands. Unscrupulous breeders out for monetary gain see easy money in the bulldog and the incidence of backyard breeding has escalated. Dogs are bought and sold from free ads and Internet selling sites for as little as a few hundred pounds. Kept in awful conditions and in ill health, they have a litter and in some cases before the pups are even weaned from the mother, the bitch is sold on to be bred from again, and so the cycle of abuse continues.

This is where the Edward foundation come in to break the cycle. Volunteers like myself across the whole of the UK scour these selling sites looking for Bulldogs that are being sold for the purpose of breeding or at risk of falling into the wrong hands. There’s worse fates for free to a good home bulldog than being used to make the new owner easy money by having puppies!

We send any adverts to the charities directors and a decision is made to see if our intervention is needed. If it’s decided a bulldog is at risk, a volunteer in that area will attempt to purchase the dog for as low a price as possible. No questions asked we just want to get the dog out of its environment. The dog will then be kept in a foster home where it will be vet checked, temperament tested, have any medical care it requires paid for by the charity and nursed back to health. They are then neutered  and vaccinated before being put up for adoption. As well as collecting dogs and fostering, as a Volunteer I’ll also get involved in  home checking, fundraising, promotion and transporting dogs as part of road trains. Our longest road train was from the south of England to the Shetlands with each regions volunteers doing their leg of the journey!

Since the Edward foundations conception there has been almost 300 Bulldogs rescued and the number is still growing. I’m onto foster number six. And of course there is always the one who never leaves…

Tad the Lad. My adopted Edward Foundation Failed Foster was a young dog who came to us needing attention to his eyes. Within 2 weeks he’d managed to secure a place in my heart and myself and my husband Bob applied through the official channels to adopt him. We paid the adoption fee and he’s now living the life every dog deserves.

Edward was the first dog to be rescued by the foundation.. He was being sold at an inflated price to be used for stud. He was undernourished and had severe demodecric mange.

The pictures are of him at the time of his rescue and as he is today, the figurehead of a charity.




Stella was my second foster. She was only 2 years old and already onto her 4th litter of puppy’s which she’d delivered only 8 weeks before I collected her. she’d served her purpose, made her keeper a tidy sum of money and she was no longer of any use to him. She had no strength in her legs, had demodectic mange and she had to have life saving surgery as she developed an infection in her womb. She was a beautiful girl and now lives the perfect life in a family home.

Emmie. The latest girl to be taken way from a life as a cash cow. Emmie is no more than a puppy herself and was put up for sale 10 weeks after giving birth to 10 puppies.

This is why I volunteer for the Edward foundation.

This is why I rescue Bulldogs.