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Local Dentist becomes major Dental Body Representative for North East.

Wessington Dental – Portfolio Business Award nominee and home to Dr Paul Shenfine – the newest ADI representative for the North East. 

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is one of the largest dental bodies in the U.K. It is dedicated to educating the dental profession and general public on implants. Founded 29 years ago with over 2,220 members, it goes to show how passionate Dr Shenfine is about restoring the North East’s smiles.

Speaking about his recent title, Dr Shenfine said: “I have been lucky to have been taught by many talented dentists throughout my career. I feel that the overriding purpose of the ADI should be education, sharing of knowledge and support. As a member of the committee, I welcome the opportunity to help shape the future of the ADI.” 

Dr Shenfine who also works at Darras Dental in Ponteland, added: “This is my way of giving something back to dentistry and the dental community.”

He said implant dentistry is “at the frontier of knowledge and is really in many ways still in its infancy, as dental implants were only invented in the 1980s. The science around them is still evolving at an increasing pace. It’s nice to have a say in shaping the future of implant dentistry at a national level.” 

Dr Shenfine continued: “I am as excited and enthusiastic about implant and restorative dentistry as I was at the start of my career – 30 years ago”